Being a second-year diploma Journalism student, one of my subject requirements under Public Relations was to attend events for exposure on event management. Initially, I was reluctant to attend one seminar called Behind the Scene as I felt the idea of spending three hours listening to a talk would be a waste of time. But how wrong I was! It turned out to be the best seminar I have ever attended.

The seminar, held on Sept 2, 2015, was organised by the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA) in Management and Science University (MSU).

The event started with a speech by the project director, while the event itself was conducted by famous TV Personality Chef Nik Michael Imran. During his brief introduction, we learned that he had followed his father’s footsteps in establishing himself in the culinary world. Nik, of Australian-Malaysian heritage, was a top contender in the first season of MasterChef Malaysia two years ago.

He then introduced three other important panellists for this event, namely actress Yasmin Hani, producer Sha’arin Razali and director Azma Aizal Yusoof. They talked about their lives and told us to pursue our dreams without doubting our talents. They also spoke on the increasing importance of education as well as to focus on our passions. The entire sharing of their life experiences was filled with humour and laughter.

Being a huge fan of Yasmin Hani, I paid extra attention during her talk. For those who are not aware, she is an actor, a lawyer in Malaysia and was a radio presenter for Era FM. She is currently involved in charity work, helping the destitute through Reach Organisation (Reach Org) where she actively helps a number of destitute people. She taught me that being busy with our working life is not an excuse not to give back to society.

The event ended with an entertaining performance and a Q&A session. Overall, it was a fun seminar and we learned a lot about life and challenges. I would be glad if SHCA comes up with more such talks or events that enlighten students about life. The time that I spent during this seminar was worth it as it gave me insight on how to be successful at a young age and also prepared me for the challenges expected in the Public Relations and Event Management field.

By Raahini Shanmugavelu, 19, Selangor

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