College is Just Another World

College, possibly the twilight years of a youth’s educational experience, is also regarded by some as a “honeymoon” period. For me personally, choosing one was not a walk in the park, which a lot of my peers would agree with. You get bombarded with questions when choosing one. What am I going to pursue? Where can I go for that? Is it recognised by the MQA? Can I study abroad? How much will it cost? How far away is it? Should I visit more Education Fairs? What about food and accommodation? Which universities recognise this qualification? Which intake should I pick? What are the facilities available? Are the lecturers any good? And one of the biggest of all, are any of my friends going there?!

After sieving through those questions, I finally settled for a college in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur by pursuing the A-levels programme, due to my ambitions of studying law later on. On Orientation Day, I experienced a little culture shock, as I had come from a school of mostly Punjabi students and here I was smack in the middle of a sea of mainly Chinese students. But after that early jolt of realisation, it was all smooth sailing. All of these new individuals I met were friendly, open and unique in their own way. And I felt personally that we would all have felt weird interacting with each other for the first time, especially with me and my turban and they not having been so close with a Sikh before!

And then there was the studying part which, to put it eloquently, “the lecturers are here to make you pass, it’s up to you to ace it”. And honestly, why wouldn’t you? Unlike before, we are now studying subjects that ought to interest and intrigue us! College is no different from high school, you just study a bit more, you have more breaks and the exams are tougher.

In a nutshell, college for me is FREEDOM. Food is magnifique! Every day has a sense of randomness to it! Entertainment; yes, you need it to prevent yourself from going mad, be it sports or movies! Exercise; yes, you need to do it because it helps you enjoy college just a bit more! Driving; yes, you need to know how to drive before college, period. Openness; yes, be open to others and be ready for their openness in return! Maturity; yes, it’s time to be mature in all your decisions and behavior, with friends and lecturers, just about every small part of your college life.

Make the best of college as it is much shorter in duration than the time you spent in high school and will spend at university. Basically, college is another world of its own. Make sure you choose the right one, and then enjoy it while it lasts.

By Jagdip Singh, 18, Kuala Lumpur
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