Feel, See and Draw

Everyone has their own definition of hobby. Some people say hobby is doing something to release your stress. Others think of hobby as doing anything to please and satisfy yourself. My definition of hobby is spending quality time doing something you are talented in to increase your ability and do better. I can assure you that everyone has a hobby, be it common or weird.

My hobby is drawing. For the past few days after the Form Three exams, I’ve been drawing with my Sharpies, coloured pens, coloured pencils, crayons and even just a 2B pencil. I am easily intrigued by the patterns I’ve traced on the paper made by my drawing apparatus. However, there are people out there who do not appreciate drawing as they do not see the point of it.

Drawing is art at its most basic, and many artists put their heart and soul into it. Some people use drawing to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and even desires. All these expressions may be derived from one’s own creativity or inspiration by others. There are also people who draw because they believe such activity will relieve stress and allay antagonistic feelings or behaviour.

I use drawing to visualise stories, dreams and ideas, to remember certain things and practise my precision in sketching complicated things that are not easily drawn. I feel like drawings do not necessarily have to be nice or decent. Like many other things as in literature and art, drawing can also convey hidden messages that only perceptive minds can see, feel and understand.

My conclusion is that drawing can help us show and tell others of what we think, feel and see through different angles that we otherwise would not be able to.

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