If Travelling was Free, You’d Never See Me Again…

THE enthusiasm begins way earlier, even before you plan your journey at the mention of the journey itself. Whether within the country or abroad, there is always an abundance yet to be discovered. Then to actually embark on the adventure, experiencing all with my own senses, much like a vagabond.

Firstly, let’s get one thing clear, travelling and touring are two very significantly different activities. I’m a traveller. Therefore, with a knapsack strapped on my back, I’d go places and live among the people in the community and do the things they do. Although that sounds less-fancy, it serves as the window that allows me a peek into worlds that are totally beyond my expectations in terms of existence. As an avid reader, I have drawn images of fictional settings in my mind that I wish existed — they include Peter Pan’s Neverland, Hogwarts, Camp Half-Blood, and The Hunger Games Arenas. As I move about from one place to another, gobbling up stories from the locals, I realize those settings do exist, only they are hidden from the human eyes.

It is, undeniably, a boon to have our eyes feast on such magnificent beauty but that is not the only reason for my wanderlust. I learn more about myself. More importantly, it is amazing to be adroit enough to know how to party in the Oktoberfest, and also be a person who can fit into a household that lives from hand to mouth.

I regard the skill of adapting to a new environment as the most precious skill anyone could master. I can’t wait to upgrade myself, having so far checked off my bucket list, nine out of thirteen states in Malaysia as well as Singapore, Thailand, India and The United States.

By Jivashni M Paramasivam,18, Selangor

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