Not As Bad As You Think

“Video gaming is a waste of time and money. You can use the time and money invested on video games on something far more useful.”
Does this line sound familiar? I can tell you that it does sound familiar to me. I have been hearing that line constantly for years, mainly from my family members and relatives. From this you can tell that I am what most people call a ‘gamer’.

First things first, there are many types of consoles as well as genres of video games. Popular consoles include PlayStation (PS), Xbox, Nintendo and the PC. The controls for each console vary.

For me, I am more accustomed to using PS because I was taught to use PS1 at the age of six. Up until now, I have used all PS1 to PS4 thanks to a relative of mine that stayed with me and taught me to play video games since young.

As a child back then, I enjoyed games that were known as the “classics” with are Pac-man and Spyro the Dragon. I was later exposed to games such as Kingdom Hearts. Back then, Kingdom Hearts was my absolute favourite out of all the games I had. This is because the game involves jumping to different worlds where each world features a Disney story.

Such stories include Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Pirates of the Caribbean and so on. I also loved to play games from the Final Fantasy series. This is
because each one of the game in the series has a beautiful although sad story. The more recent Final Fantasy games feature extraordinary graphics and wonderful soundtracks.

Now as a teenager, I play games like God of War, Call of Duty, Tekken, Devil May Cry and inFAMOUS. As a parent or school teacher you would probably think that such violent games are not suitable for children or teenagers like me because it can lead to violent or indecent behaviour. However, I can clearly tell you that these games do not make us violent.

With proper parenting and guidance, a child or a teenager will know better than to imitate action moves or vulgar language from video games.

Video games make an excellent pastime. As most people know, it can help to release stress and make you feel refreshed. Different types of games can improve a person’s knowledge and skills. Multiplayer games can improve one’s communication techniques, co-op tactics and strategy planning. Story-oriented games can improve language skills or even historical knowledge. For example, I play certain Japanese games not only to enjoy the game but also to polish up Japanese language.

First-person shooter games like Medal of Honour or Call of Duty can improve the handeye coordination and also knowledge on warfare or war history such as the American Civil War and the First and Second World Wars. Other games like Little Big Planet let the player show their creativity by puzzle solving. Thanks to this game, I have discovered songs from the 1950s like Pink Shoelaces and Mr Sandman.

Now this may be unexpected but most importantly, certain games can teach the player moral values like how to differentiate good from evil, never take your close ones for granted, to never give up and many more.

Henceforth, I am able to conclude that video games can bring many benefits to the player and is not as bad as you think. Some games are still not suitable for young children but the right games will develop their character. Other than that, I believe that video games can be a great tool to educate children in the future as it provides a fun and effective virtual learning environment.

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