A Beast inside Beauty

Have you given your heart’s first place to Beauty or Wealth?

All my life, I thought beauty and wealth were the most important keys to happiness. Being the only child in my family, I’ve got everything I ever wished for. My friends called me the hottest one in college. At one point in life I thought, “I’m the meaning of beauty” and pride took control of my life. I was quite blinded by my own opinions. At the end of the fourth semester, I was offered a contract from a well-known cosmetic company to be their brand ambassador, which helped me to live life luxuriously.

One day, when I was on set for an advertisement, a famous director Mr Mark came to meet me and offered me the main role in his upcoming movie. I happily agreed to his offer and signed his agreement. Weeks later, I started shooting for the movie and I met a guy, Mr. Mark’s cousin brother. He was good-looking and wealthy. Soon after, we fell for each other and started living together. My life revolved around him and I made sure that each step of my life was in his favor. I never backed off in announcing to the media about our relationship. I was the happiest girl alive.

Then one day, I caught him cheating on me. He had another relationship behind my back. I was depressed and felt deceived. For months, I couldn’t get over with it. I was not able to bear the pain and everything was so hard on me.

“Maybe all men are beasts”, was what came to my mind even as I tried fighting against my own thoughts, but I was weak and got defeated every time. As a girl, reputation is everything. How will I face people around me?

I was blinded by beauty without realising that there’s a beast beneath.
To all those who think when they first fall in love that “This is it”, and “I’m going to get married”, please be aware of what may follow.

Don’t always go after beauty or wealth because you may end up with a Beast!

By Thidas Mindula Pasanjith , 18, Kuala Lumpur

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