Irrational Part 2

THE rainforest seemed to stretch endlessly over the horizon. The sweet chirping of the wild birds and the roaring sound of a waterfall nearby reverberated through the atmosphere making the journey seem adventurous. I hastened my pace as I heeded the Stygian forest.

Suddenly the compass needle went haywire, rotating anticlockwise at an alarming rate. I couldn’t hear a single chirp nor the roar of the waterfall. All I could hear was the resonating sound of my ears ringing and the eerie silence of the rainforest. The hair at the back of my neck stood up as I stuffed my deranged compass into my jeans pocket.

I let out an audible gasp as I caught a Brobdingnagian mansion in my peripheral vision. Warning bells sounded loudly in my head like a fire engine’s siren and fear clutched my belly. I squared my shoulders and faced the mansion. There was no sign of life and by the looks of the sorrowful mansion I guessed that it had been abandoned for a few miserable decades. The paint on the walls was peeling off and it needed a new coat post-haste. Moss and Campunala plants sprouted from the cracks of the walls. “What is an abandoned mansion doing here?” I thought. My legs with a mind of their own, once again led me up the grimy flight of stairs of the mansion.

Once I entered the mansion the temperature plummeted and the cold zephyr slapped my body harshly causing chills to run down the length of my vertebral column. The entire place reeked of rotten flesh and blood. Bile clambered its way up my throat but I composed my self in time. My ears detected a sudden crying sound of a little girl from upstairs. I advanced the spiraling mahogany stairs tout de suite and the putrid stench became more acrid. I scrunched my face at once as the fetor of decay wafted from the room directly in front of me. As my palm hovered over the door knob, I spotted something crawling on the floor at the end of the hallway from the corner of my eyes. A startled yelp escaped my lips and my heart missed a beat. Even though the hallway was pitch black, it was illuminated by rays of light that escaped from the holes in the mansion’s wall and heavily tinted windows.

My hand recoiled and I let out a high-pitched scream as the creature began to writhe towards me. The lights enhanced my view of the creature with its nasty crimson red hair. Its neck was twisted, blood gushed out of its mouth and its eyes were stitched shut. There was a knife protruding from its forehead and it was missing half of its torso and lower jaw. As it dragged its body I could hear the sound of bones being crushed and I turned around clutching my ears tightly. A violent shiver rippled through my body as it yelled and sang at the same time, its voice sounding like it had been eating sandpaper. “RUN CHARLIE RUN. RUN BEFORE HE SMELLS YOU. RUN CHARLIE RUN!” I bolted down the stairs not needing to be told the fourth time. I turned around and screeched loudly when it threw the knife that was on its forehead at me but I scampered my way home.

I was sweaty with jellylike knees and my heart was hammering in my ribs at an unsteady staccato when I was back in the confines of my room. I felt a mere pin-prick at my back but my brain was hurting horribly from trying to comprehend what I had just witnessed. I tumbled onto my bed with the previous events rerunning in my head as

I woke up gasping for air and clutching my aching chest. A fine sheen of perspiration coated my body. It felt like someone was sitting on me. I heard the wail of a police car and its blinding brilliant blue lights flashing outside my house. I crouched beside the stairs trying to overhear the conversation between the cops and my parents. “When did my parents even get home and what day is it today? It feels as if I had been hibernating….” my thoughts were cut off abruptly when I heard the cop mutter ‘skipped school’, ‘missing’ and my school’s name. This time I managed to make out what the policeman said and nearly nosedived down the stairs. “We found a blonde girl’s corpse in the mansion with a knife stabbed in her back.”

KOSILA-RAMASAMYby Kosila Ramasamy, 17, Selangor

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