Karma (Part 2)

I ARRIVED at the flat late in the evening. After running some errands, I decided to read the contents of the file I brought back from the library in the privacy of my room. However, as I got back to the flat, I could see Mdm. Eve on the porch, smiling like a Cheshire cat as soon as she saw me.

“Amanda, dear. Come, have tea with me,” she invited me, patting the seat next to her. She seemed so nice that I couldn’t refuse her offer. So, I sat down next to her. “So, how’s it going with our new neighbour?” she asked while she was pouring me a cup of tea. I was about to take a sip from the teacup when it suddenly flew from my hand and shattered into pieces on the floor. I stood up, shocked with what had just happened. That’s when I heard Jane’s voice. “You! You fraud! Now, you’re trying to kill her after you’ve killed me! No! I won’t let you, not now, not ever,” Jane hissed. Mdm. Eve shook her head while retreating against the wall. “No, you can’t be Charlotte. She’s dead. You hear me!” Mdm. Eve yelled. At that moment, Mdm. Eve’s right sleeve unfolded and I saw that her hand was bandaged. Odd, it wasn’t there before. Suddenly, Jane held out a vial with a red liquid inside. “I know,” she said. In one swift move, Mdm. Eve pulled out a dagger from a strap hidden underneath her bandage. “So do I. Now, try me,” she taunted as she held the dagger. Jane merely stared ahead. Without thinking, I pushed Mdm. Eve, thinking that she would lose her grip on the dagger, instead she pulled me with her and stabbed the dagger in my thigh. I let out a loud scream. Jane rushed to help me but Mdm. Eve was back again on her feet. At that moment, time seemed to slow down as I thought about how she was going to strike the dagger through my heart.

That was when I saw Lydia, dressed in a floor-length white dress, coming up behind Mdm. Eve and smiling at me. Then, she turned to Mdm. Eve and pushed her hand through Mdm. Eve’s heart. Slowly, Mdm. Eve’s eyes closed as she fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Lydia stood still with a black pebble in her hand. She smiled at me while dark spots began to cover my vision. Finally, the darkness enveloped me.

I was in a living room, decorated in the old Victorian style. Beside me, was Jane. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, still wondering the reason we were there. Suddenly, I saw Lydia and a woman coming towards us. As she got closer, I realised that her face and Jane’s looked alike. Could she be…? My thoughts were interrupted as Lydia spoke, “Thank you, Amanda. Jane, without your help I don’t know what could have happened. As you can see, this is Charlotte, my sister. Finally, we are united and free. As it turns out, the reason I could appear to you was because she was here too. Thank you.”

I was jolted awake, panting as I sat up. Suddenly, I realised that I was not in my room. “Hi,” a voice said. I turned and saw Jane smiling at me. “Where am I?” I asked. She pointed to her leg and said, “Well, you crashed on me, and Mdm. Eve crashed on me too. You also got stabbed in the thigh. So where do you think we are?” I answered, “The hospital?” “Well, congratulations. You’re right,” she said laughing. When she burst into laughter; I was suddenly reminded of another person. I opened my mouth to ask but Jane cut me to it, “Mdm. Eve died. Turns out she’s actually Evelyn Forecaster, the maid who once worked for Lydia and Charlotte.” She tossed me a file and I opened it. It was the file on Charlotte’s death, that I took home from the library. “I think Evelyn killed Charlotte just to get her wealth and turned the table against Lydia, so she could get her hands on the family‘s wealth,” Jane said to me.

I nodded in acknowledgement and began to read the article. It turned out Lydia Montgomery and Charlotte Evans were actually stepsisters. Slowly, I slipped back into a deep and rested sleep.

Nur Izny Hidayati Halim,15, Selangor

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