KARMA (part1)

INHALED the aroma of the coffee, relaxing my aching and sore muscles as I sipped the coffee slowly. What a tiring day! „Jane Aster, what a beautiful name,“ I thought. She’s the new neighbour that had just moved in. As I helped her move in, I noticed that she was a very easy-going person. I then gulped the drink down and placed my mug in the sink. Slowly, I made my way back to the living room and lay down on the couch. Ugh, it was so hard that my body ached. „That’s it; I’m sleeping in the bedroom,“ I thought. „Hopefully with someone next door, I won’t be having any of those weird dreams anymore.“ I grabbed my phone, pillow and blanket in both hands and went into the bedroom. I didn’t even bother to switch on the lights before tossing everything in my hand, and myself on the bed, slowly drifting off to sleep.

I was awaken – by the sound of cries. Soft and muffled sobs. I looked around trying to find its source. That’s when I noticed it. In the corner of my room, beside the window, stood a floor-length antique mirror. At first, I thought it was just a reflection. But, as I stared at it longer, I noticed a woman kneeling with her long chestnut brown hair covering her face. I became still, frozen with shock.

Suddenly, I heard the woman spoke, “Help me, Amanda.” My heart stopped. She knew my name. I debated with myself, to go or not to go to her? After a while, I decided to face my fears, “W-Who are you?” She stopped sobbing and slowly stood up. Then, she lifted her head and met my eyes. I was speechless. Her face was exactly the same as mine. I touched the mirror, at the cheek, trying to snap out of this dream. But it wasn‘t. She smiled at me, “Lydia. Lydia Montgomery.” Slowly, her smile fades. “I was accused of murdering my sister. For that, I was hanged. That’s mine. I’ve been stuck in there for the past 30 years.” She pointed to my pendant. I looked at it and held it tight. “How? How could you appear now?” I asked. She shook her head sadly, “I, myself do not know that. But, you must help me. Find my sister. She’ll unlock all the answers.” She begged with fear clearly in her eyes.

I agreed, but I didn‘t know how to help her. I sat up till morning, trying to figure it out. Then, at eight in the morning, after an unfruitful hour of scrolling through the internet, I decided to go to the library. I didn’t even bother to bring my bag. I slipped on a jacket and headed out to the library. Somehow, the whole journey to the library was very odd. I felt like I was being watched. But I quickly dismissed the thought as I guessed it was only a gut feeling. At the library, I was lead to the underground chamber which held all of the town’s older records. I was left alone to find what I wanted, so I had to walk through the whole area to find the right shelf. Finally, after hours of going through dusts and cobwebs, I found it. Right under shelf IIX, the file of crime sentences for the year 1985. I brought the book back to the table and began flipping through it. About halfway through, I finally came across a file under the name “Montgomery”. I was one intance away from seeing its contents when the librarian came and asked me to leave. Quietly, I managed to slip the whole file under my jacket and head out without creating any suspicion. Clutching my jacket tight, I wonder how on earth am I going to find my look-alike.

To be continued…

By Nur Izny Hidayati Halim,15, Selangor

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