Little Boy

I know this little boy
He has a lot of games and toys.
I always see him playing with a ball
At the playground near a stall.
He always makes me giggle,
Because he is so little.
He jumps and he spins,
He laughs and he screams,
And ignores all the glares people give him.
He’s so happy, I want to join him.
One sunny day,
I see him at the park.
He grins as he plays
With a little dog that barks,
“This is fun!” I hear him says.
I know this little boy
Who never fails to make me smile.
The things he does are full of joy
I see happiness all the time.
He’s got no problems
As he’s still a little boy.
How I wanted to be like him.
He’s sweet, playful and thin.
He’s a little boy and he plays all the games.
Fun is his middle name.
It makes me smile just by looking at him.
He’s a lucky boy, indeed.

By Amnan Hamdi Mohd Iskandar, 11, Kelantan.

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