Not That You’d Even Notice

You wonder if someone writes about you,
I know you think that no one would,
But here it is, this one’s for you,
My apologies if it’s not good.

I know this poem will get me nowhere,
And this isn’t a gift or even a dare,
I need you to know and I want to declare,
That I am here and I do care.

I won’t tell you to stop being so sad,
It’s alright, you know I’ve got your back,
When you’re alone I know that you cry,
You wish you didn’t exist and,
You wish you could die.

I know you’re afraid of the future,
The post-present that will come,
Trust me, it’ll be an adventure,
So just calm down, just calm down.

I’ll try to be there for you,
Through the good and the bad,
Now, now, you don’t have to worry,
I won’t ever leave you just like that.

I’ll be around when you need me,
When you’re feeling sad, when you’re awfully lonely,
You could give me a ring or send me a text,
I won’t ask you what’s wrong or tell you how to react.

I’ll listen to you as you speak,
And I won’t ever say that you’re weak,
I’ll try to comfort you the best that I can,
I’ll always love you, you’re my best friend.

Keep your chin up, my dear,
Try putting a smile on your face,
We can get through this together,
Let’s make sadness an insignificant phase.

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