Ode to Pizza

Eaten by everyone
From royals to rappers
At some times it is a snack
At others, a meal

Stuffed crust or not
It tastes heavenly when garnished
With cheese
And the toppings of your choice
Pepperoni? Seafood?
Or would you perhaps rather keep it simple
And opt instead for a margherita?

Why stop at savoury, however
When there exists a multitude of options
If you’d prefer your pizza as dessert?

Cinnamon streusel or s’more?
Maybe the ever classic chocolate?
Whatever topping it boasts, though
You may be sure
That pizza will never fail you
As a scrumptious way to fill your stomach.

Kashvini-Rajulu-fiction-issue26Kashvini Rajulu, 18, Selangor

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