Ode to the Durian

Its creamy flesh comes tantalisingly hidden
In an imposing armour of thorns.
After all, kings always have bodyguards,
And this is the King of Fruits!

A formidable title, unlike so many other fruits
It is a title that is rightfully deserved,
just ask its legions of fans!

Its pungent aroma is loathed by many,
Yet loved by the rest.
For it heralds the arrival of
Its deliciously rich flesh.

It has a vast plethora of identities ó
Thereís durian ice cream,
Puffs filled with durian cream,
And as for durian crepes,
Why, theyíre available too!
Durian cakes are also enjoyed in certain cafÈs
As is durian coffee.

Surely you must be able to tell
By its many incarnations,
That the durian is undoubtedly and undisputably
ó The King of Fruits.

Kashvini-RajuluBy Kashvini Rajulu, 18, Selangor

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