SLASH (Part 2)

The day finally came. My friends and I were at the Surf Beach. I was almost suffocating in the crowd, and all I was breathing in, was foul-smelling body odour. But my excitement and dying love for Slash made me stay.The crowd was cheering thunderously for Guns N’ Roses to perform. I was eagerly waiting for Slash to play his guitar. Then, there they were…. I could only feel my heart beating according to their music, my body was completely paralysed, but in a good way. My friends and I were cheering and screaming our lungs out, singing along to their songs to our heart’s glory. The band was playing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” and we were swaying side by side getting into the rhythm. Out of nowhere, suddenly, after all this while, Ali came to my mind. I was wondering whether he’ll be here in the crowd, singing along to the song like I was doing.

My brain was calculating the many possibilities of him not being there, which was the obvious, yet my eyes and heart kept on looking for that curly-haired guy who stole my heart. After sometime, I grew tired of the absurdity and continued my sing-along session with my girls. After the song, I decided to attend to nature’s call since we’d been there for like four hours straight, drinking water all the way. It was a long long queue. I just sighed to myself and waited patiently in the midst of all those sweaty people. Then suddenly, I caught a glimpse of him, my guy. I couldn’t see his face since he was looking the other way. But guess lady luck was on my side, because he was waiting in the line too, not so far away. I was stunned and I couldn’t move for a few seconds. Then I pulled myself together and thought: “If he sees you, just smile okay. Just be cool and calm. Everything will be alright. Be a woman!”

He turned around. He immediately realised my existence since the green neon-coloured T-shirt I was wearing was screaming for attention. We were practically just staring at each other for 10 solid seconds. I gathered any remaining gumption in my system and gave him a nice decent smile. I was expecting him to shrug and run far off, as far as possible. But to my surprise, he smiled back. He came walking towards me and he stood really close to me. He leaned forward and said: “I’m so sorry I didn’t text you. I chickened out and I was nervous. I just had this feeling that you’d never like me. I’m really sorry. I’d be really glad if you gave me another chance. Can we start all over and forget what happened in the past? I’ll buy you cheesecake?”

I just nodded and smiled back.

By Dharshini Jagatheesa Chandran, 20, Kuala Lumpur

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