Slash (Part 1)

IT’S been more than a month we last texted each other. I didn’t even take the initiative to contact him back. It’s not because I’m a stuck up person, it’s just I’m nervous and I tend to get paranoid easily. Therefore making a small decision like texting a guy for the first time is like asking me to demolish my “force shield” which forces me to in a corner contemplating all the absurd decisions I’ve made since the day I was born…while eating packets of “Apollo” cake. So for the betterment of humanity and me, instead of making the first move on the guy that I like a lot, I thought it’d be a better decision for me to just forget about him and move on. Let’s call him “Ali” even though that’s not his real name.

Months passed by and I was starting to move on for good. Maybe it‘s because I made myself really busy. I hung out with my best buds more often, spending time reading Game of Thrones (which was amazing!),but I mostly I went out for jam sessions and music festivals during my free time. I just love music. Music was and is my only way to release all my emotions. When I’m happy or relaxed I listen to Carnatic music or when I’m feeling angry or stressed I listen to rock or metal. Yes, yes there’s a huge contrast between these two. Yet I enjoy the best of both worlds.

You might be cracking your head out to find out what my love for music got to do with Ali. Well,there is a strong connection to it. Ali is in a rock metal band; he plays the guitar. That’s one of the main reasons I got attracted to him. He also is a diehard fan of Slash from the rock band Guns N‘ Roses. He is so obsessed by Slash that he even grew his hair long and curly to look just like Slash; but personally I felt his hair was way better than Slash’s. Even the thought of his amazing beautiful long curly hair, leaves butterflies in my stomach.

So coming back to the actual story, I got to know that there will be a music festival where Guns N‘ Roses will be performing,in the end of this week at Sunway Lagoon. I was really psyched to hear that, as I was longing for a concert or any sort of activity related to music because of stress due to my college assignments. I was yearning for some good rock and metal music. I called my friends to join me.To stand out in the crowd and to show my dedication I went online to buy T-shirts of the particular band days past and I was eagerly waiting for the fun to unfold.

By Dharshini Jagatheesa Chandran,20, Kuala Lumpur

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