Sonnet 00

The ground glows gold with the Sun‘s good grace,
Warms both the day and the souls gathered there,
For today I set sail on this fine weather fair,
To the azure expanse where I shall find my place.

We all come adorned in our Sunday best,
Reminiscing moments and memories,
Indulging in bittersweet revelries,
Soon laughing and weeping both coalesce.

Now my time has come, for across the sky,
Like a closing eyelid twilight did creep,
My company sombre now softly cries,
As t hey lay me down one full fathom deep.

Though in earth‘s embrace I‘ll eternally slumber,
In their hearts and minds I shall forever wander.

Narviinya MurugappanBy Narviinya Murugappan,18, Kuala Lumpur

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