The Lucky Charm

Once, there lived a boy named Paul in Tennessee, USA. He was sent to an orphanage at the age of two after his parents met with a fatal accident. He had no interest in studies and often builds castles in the air during lessons. Since young, he has always had a great interest in music. He listens to songs and creates his own musical instruments and plays with them.

His musical journey started when he dropped out of school. He often went out at night to sing and play his instruments in the street. He soon became a busker and earned some money. He loved his job so much. However, the money that he earned was just enough for his daily expenses. He did not manage to save a lot of money for his future. Days pass and he was still at the same stage where he started his job. There were no changes in his life.

Paul worked harder than ever; he went to many places to show his talents. One day he found a ring in his money box after his street performance. He had not touched a ring in his life before that. He thought that somebody might have accidentally dropped it and he brought it the next day to the same place where he performed but none came to claim the ring.

He then put on the ring and his life changed almost immediately. His music was recognised and was given the chance to record an album. He became a well-known singer and he was no more a busker. His life is now so much better because of the ring. He believed that it was God’s gift for him.

Navines Rao SNavines Rao S.Murugan, 17, Perak

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