Owl café

NOW, I’m certain that many of you know this remarkable cafe located in Bukit Jalil known for its delicious and soft, light and buttery waffles like the Queen, David (my personal favourite) as well as Salmon Sally. But, have you ever wondered how they came up with their biggest success — their waffles? Just like any other cafe these days, this cafe was originally started off to mainly serve coffee.

Other cafes usually serve cakes along with their coffee, but this cafe is unique in that it serves waffles instead. They didn’t just stop there. After that, they also began to serve all kinds of breakfast fare ranging from plain old scrambled eggs to a full American breakfast, from a normal plain just butter and syrup waffles to savoury salmon and tomato waffles, from a plain chocolate cake to a peanut butter cake, from a normal, ordinary croissant to a French apple tart. All of which are inexpensive.

But why is it called the Owl Cafe, you ask? Owls just happen to be the favourite animal of one of the three co-creators of this cafe (who used to work at software companies). I mean who wouldn’t love a cute smart wide-eyed owl. And speaking of eyes, how is an Owl is related to this cafe? It’s because when people drink caffeine they don’t sleep, and they’re wide-eyed, similar to the owl. When you step into the café you’ll be blown away by all the owl figurines and pictures, and everything imaginable to do with owls. I’m sure all of you would be thinking that these were all purchased, but what if I told you none of it was purchased and that all of them were given by either devoted customers or friends and families? Yes, that’s right.

Their customer support has been remarkable over the months and customer flow has been over flowing to the point that on some days reservations are required!

I urge every one of you to give this amazing cafe a try, I know I would, maybe more than once, or twice. You know what, the number doesn’t matter, just head out to the Owl Cafe if you want to be served great food in a homely cozy ambience.

By Dhineswaran, 13, Kuala Lumpur

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