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DIY. I am sure everyone knows stands for. Do It Yourself. Common DIY projects include kitchen makeover, wood pallet and picture ledge, but have you ever heard of Gemstone Rangoli? For this Deepavali, I would like to enlighten everyone about Rangoli. It is a cultural or folk art from India, in which patterns are created on the floor of living rooms and porches to form a Rangoli, which is also known as a Kolam. It is usually made with coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals. Now, have you ever thought about making these luck-bringing decorations the simpler way? And even make it something that can last forever? DIY Gemstone Rangoli doesn’t get washed away easily by the wind or air. It is also portable and does not leave any mess on the floor after its removal. Now aren’t you interested to know how to make it? It is very simple.

Things you need:
• Thick transparent sheets
• Glue
• Gemstones of different colours and sizes
• Scissors
• Pen

• Firstly, cut out a good shape of your preference. You may wish to choose a petal design to create a beautiful flower shape.Use a pen to draw the petals out. It is alright to have pen marks on the sheet as it will be covered later by the gemstones. Any shape is fine, but a symmetrical flower would be the best choice.
• After cutting those shapes, create a thin line of glue along edges and start sticking your gems. Stick different gems, border by border, for a contrast.
• Add a larger gemstone and surround it with smaller ones at the pointy edge of the shape (or the centre part if you use a circle instead of flower petals).
• Once you are fully done, place them neatly on the floor of your porch and there you go! Simple and beautiful.

You may even want to place them anywhere else than just your floor. You can also paste on your cupboards and furniture because it is so attractive that you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off them. It’s your choice. What are you waiting for? Colour your life with a beautiful DIY Gemstone Rangoli decoration!


By Sharafunnisa Ebramsha, 18, Negri Sembilan

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