TOP 5 Preferable Workplaces

A company’s leap from good to great would be in its success in creating a fun and conducive environment. These workplaces are an employee’s dream, as anyone would thrive and work harder to stay put at the company. Here are the top 5 most preferred workplaces:

1# Google

Who doesn’t know Google,an American multinational company that specialises in Internet-related products and services for people around the globe. For years, Google has been at the top of the list because they support work-life balance.They make great effort to allow people to have a family and at the same time, give their best to Google, which pushes them to the top of the list. “How does Google stay the best?” you may ask. Well, the main reason would be their way of treating people well. From free lunches and food to interesting team projects every day, it’s like living the everyday and trying to make it better!

2# Leaderonomics

Leaderonomics is a Malaysian social enterprise which is dedicated to young people in democratising leadership development. “Many Malaysian companies work hard and strive to build great local products and services. But we aspire to be globally competitive. We are working hard daily to realise this dream,” said its CEO, Roshan Thiran. He also believes that Leaderonomics would be the place that employees are looking at to mould the developing nation. The perks of working here are countless but what makes it most preferred is its aim to make a difference through valuable leadership skills with people regardless of age.

3# Cisco

Cisco is an American multinational company which specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling networking equipment. It places the highest value in its products. This, however, does not mean value is the only factor in its achievements; their good HR policies, flexible work timings, informal dress code and other factors also count. These give employees the chance to learn and explore every day.

4# Twitter

Tweet, tweet! This is one of the trendiest social media companies that have the best workplace ambience. Being a worker here entails a range of perks, which includes flexible working hours, an interesting and unexpected environment with surprising team projects and more. Twitter’s objective lies in believing they can change the world and that making a difference is possible by 140 characters at a time. This information technology company is a place for all people regardless of background. If you have the passion to inspire, spread positive vibes and are able to create a powerful message and send it to people around the globe in a short time, then you have found your place!

5# Net App

This company has won attention because of their holistic system, according to Forbes. It has been said that their company strategy is like that of a football team’s. It consists of different position players, where for instance, you’ve got a quarterback and others with different skills, but they all go together on the same snap count. They all try to move in the same direction. The most interesting detail would be its employees. The reason why people want to work here would be the environment and the workers’ skills.

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