NILAM Competition

IN July last year, I was chosen to enter the NILAM (Nadi Ilmu Alam Membaca) competition, also known as the value and benefits of reading competition. We are chosen based upon the total number of books read per year. Usually, Primary Five and Form Four students attend this competition. Mine was the zone level where schools from the different zones in Klang take part. I was quite nervous before the competition because there are three categories to it.

The first is essay writing, followed by public speaking and the interview. The competition was held in SK Rantau Panjang, Klang. There were two of us from my school, SK 1 Jalan Batu 3, Klang. We had to present all our certificates from the present and previous years to make sure we are entitled to join the competition. We are allowed to choose the language we want, so I chose English. The essay was relatively easy and I managed to complete it. Later after the break we had to do public speaking. It was short and to the point. I was still nervous despite completing part of the competition.

There were hundreds of students from different schools in Klang taking part in the event. Teachers were nervous, too. Everyone was hoping that their respective schools would win. I’m hoping to win, too.

The last part was the interview session with the English teachers who will evaluate the grammar or vocabulary and speech. After I completed this session, we were waiting for the results to be announced. To my surprise, I won second place for the zone level and would go on to the district level later. I was so excited because I won and my teacher was so happy. When we got back to school, my teachers congratulated me and advised me to keep on reading.

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