The Change No One Saw Coming

“CHELSEA ARE THE 2014/15 CHAMPIONS OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE! After five years, they have won it with three games remaining,” shouted Pete Hall after Chelsea beat Crystal Palace 1-0 to clinch the title last season.

On the other side, in Leicester at the King Power Stadium, Leicester finished a disappointing 14th place in their first season back in the Premiere League, just 11 points above relegation. Diego Costa had won the Golden Boot and Eden Hazard had not missed a single penalty. The question I have today is, how much can really change in three months? How does one team go from hero to zero that quickly?

Five months ago, I witnessed Chelsea winning the Premier League and I was upset because I am a Manchester United fan, but now I am witnessing something else. Chelsea now sits 15th, below the top 10 in the league. This is not the team we watched in awe last year. Chelsea has fallen into a slump. Though a Manchester United fan, I am upset watching this happen to Chelsea. Even their top stars like Eden Hazard are not performing to the standards of last year. Everyone thought Chelsea will be the team to beat this year, but they are not even competition to any team in the league. Moreover, last year’s Golden Boot winner Diego Costa has appeared to throw more punches that fire in goals this year. These are just a few of Chelsea’s current problems.

On the other side of the table, Leicester City has shown major improvements over last year. Now sitting in first place and with Jamie Vardy currently the top scorer of the league, this season has been a dream come true so far for the club. Just a warning out there to Leicester, better hold on to Jamie Vardy as many clubs will be out to get him after seeing his current form.

All this just comes to prove that the Premier League is always full of changes and surprises. Season after season, we are impressed by all the top flight clubs but never have we seen a top flight club go into a slump as big as Chelsea or seen a second tier club improve their form so drastically like Leicester. The Premier League is the best league in the world of football and I personally hope it stays that way. The changes of clubs and introduction of new clubs and reintroduction of some old clubs are always welcome, but all the eye-catching action is what makes this league the best in the world.

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