Summer Vacation

MY family and I went to Malacca to enjoy our school holidays. In the morning, we got up and packed our clothes as we had planned to stay at my uncle’s house. We started our journey at 8am. On the way, my brother felt hungry so my father stopped at the resting area to have our breakfast.

Around 10am, we arrived in Malacca city. After freshening up at our uncle’s place, we went for river cruising. My brother and mother bought the tickets. The boat ride was one of the best moment. The fresh air, the environment and the surrounding walls were filled with the street art. The art works consist of traditional costume, cultures of Malaysia and others which looked beautiful and creative.
We then went to Jonkers Street. There were lots of restaurants and souvenirs shops. Around 8pm, we had dinner and took the opportunity to try different kinds of food. We also saw colourful trishaws that my mother and I had a ride on. It was the happiest holiday ever in my life as I had the best time with my family.

By Jaclyn Hendry Joseph, 12, Kuala Lumpur

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