The Haunted House

Everyone in my village says that the old house at the end of the street is haunted. It used to be the home of a rich family who owed a tin mine in our village, and now it is vacant.

Azmeer and I decided to find out if what the village people said about the house is true. So one evening, we bravely entered the house and decided to spend a night there to find out. We brought along a torchlight, sleeping bags, some food and my iPod touch. There seemed to be no trouble at all during the early part of the night. We even listened to our favourite music on the iPod and sat on our sleeping bags.

We then felt a bit sleepy when it was midnight. I switched off my iPod and we crawled into the sleeping bags. However, sleep was impossible. Suddenly, there was a strange soft whining sound coming from upstairs. We dared not go up to find out what was making that noise as we were so scared. We laid quietly in our sleeping bags and hoped that the sound would go away.

However, the sound instead got louder, like someone groaning. I grabbed my torch and switched it on, but we could not see anything. Suddenly, a loud crash came from upstairs. We screamed and ran out of the house as fast as we could, and left everything that we had brought. Azmeer and I never dared go back into the house, not even in the daytime.

Now, if someone asks me whether the house is haunted? All I can say that is that, if you want to know, go and find out for yourself.

By Amnan Hamdi Mohd Iskandar, 11, Kelantan

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