Top 10: Ice Creams in town

Top 10: Ice Creams in town – Indulge our moment all the time!

1. Inside Scoop
Not just ice cream, but the waffles too, are irresistible! Inside Scoop offers a wide selection from premium flavours like Raisin Rum and Valrhona Chocolate to local favorites such as Milo Dinasour and Cempadak, among many others. Don’t miss out their Durian ice cream if you’re a durian lover. Inside Scoop locations are at Bangsar, USJ Taipan and SS22 PJ.
Price range: RM7.80-RM17.80

2. Kindori Japanese Ice Cream
This healthy ice cream originated from Japan. A combination of fruits and natural milk-based ice cream. No colouring, no preservatives and 100 per-cent real fruits. The freshness of the fruits and the sweetness of the ice cream are perfectly blended. Fruit lovers will fall in love with this, either in Sunway Pyramid or Pavilion, no doubt.
Price range: RM6.90-RM8.90 (add RM1.00 for cone)

3. Morelli’s Gelato
One of the most expensive but also the most delicious gelato that you can find in KL. Morelli’s gelatos are daily made and 100 per-cent milk-based. The brand itself brings out the luxury and the modern style of having the gelato. All of the gelatos are placed in a -15C blast freezer to retain their freshness. Do try the Berry Pavlova, that’s one that stands out. For adults, Baileys can be your choice.
Price: RM35++

4. Gelatissimo

A gelato ice cream that is from Australia, similar with Gelatomio, but Gelastissimo had seduced me with more classic flavours. Pistachio Mango and Lime are my favorite when I visit the store, they bring out the sweetness and the sour-sweetness of the gelato. I am so surprised that they also have low sugar and fat free options too.
Price range: RM9.90-RM18.90

5. New Zealand Natural
One of the most popular ice cream brands in Malaysia, and originated from New Zealand. NZN brings out the natural flavour and taste of the ice cream to satisfy every consumer. Natural is good for us, though the price is slightly higher compared to Baskin-Robbins. Affogato and Berry-fruit sorbet are must-trys.
Price: RM6.90 (single scoop), menu is available

6. Softsrve
An artistic ice cream parlour that specialises in creating soft ice cream flavours and experiences. Launched early this year, people go crazy for the soft handcrafted ice cream. Special taste and exceptional tasting experience as well as the little “smoky effect” can be found in Softsrve. Check out the childhood flavour that is Root Beer ice cream, and also the classic Cereal Milk.
Price range: RM10.90-RM14.90

7. Gelatomio
Gelatomio was incorporated in Malaysia since 2004. Also a common gelato ice cream that you can find in KL. More than 100 choices of flavours that include sorbet ice cream which is water-based and gelato ice cream in milk-based. If you are lucky enough, do try the seasonal Ambarela and Sour Plum sorbet ice cream.
Price: From RM9.90

8. Nana’s Green Tea
Nana’s Green Tea was originally from Japan, special with “Matcha” green-powdered tea. As we know, green tea is good for health, and here they mix the ice cream with the matcha to get Matcha ice cream. The light taste of matcha brings out the tastiness of the ice cream. The Black Sesame Ice cream is delicious too!
Price: RM13.90

9. Milkcow
Made from original organic and fresh milk, the super-smooth soft-serve ice cream is from Korea, filled in a transparent plastic cup or a cone. Various toppings are available such as honeycomb, red bean, macarons and cotton candy. Opt for the honeycomb, you can taste and chew to get the sweetness.
Price range: RM10.90-RM14.90

10. Magnum KL

The signature luscious Vanilla ice cream by Walls, covered by a layer of chocolate which cracks like an eggshell over a woodstick, is now available in KL where people can customise their ice cream with various toppings. The exceptional toppings are the chili flakes and sea salt, while the traditional one would be pistachio.
Price: RM9.90/with a topping

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