ARE you bored of the typical and predictable Raya clothes? If you were first in line for Age of Ultron tickets, why not combine traditional Malay clothes and the cinematic Marvel superhero phenomenon? Here are two Raya outfit designs sprayed with the essence of my two favourite Avengers.

This is clearly based on the Iron Man outfit. I came up with a red Baju Melayu made of cotton material with gold metallic patterns on it. The sampin is black and gold, and made of songket cloth. For a touch of classiness, I threw in a pair of shiny black shoes. Best of all, I fashioned a songkok representing the Iron Man face piece and an actual
glowing arc reactor. You can now look as elegant as Tony Stark this Raya!

The female design was inspired by none other than Captain America. I designed a Baju Kurung of satin with a blue, starspangled top. The bottom part is a classic kain batik but with floral designs in the colours of the American flag. I added flair to the outfit by coming up with a striking red leather handbag with matching flats. To top it all off, I created a white hijab with streaks of red and blue, and Steve Rogers’ signature ‘A’ symbol in front.

I hope you will enjoy your Hari Raya!

Arifah-Husna-Badlishahby Arifah Husna Badlishah, 18, Selangor

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