Bright and Colourful

Deepavali, also known as The Festival of Lights, marks another year of remembrance as light triumphs over darkness. The celebration becomes even livelier with the bright and colourful traditional Indian clothing worn for the occasion.

For the sundar lad:

Watch out, the Shahid Kapoor look-alike is in the house! He is wearing a traditional Indian suit called jippa. Suited to our warm and humid weather, the jippa is white in color and made of cotton to reduce heat absorption as well as to soak up perspiration. The red scarf that accentuates the red accents on the collar symbolises boldness. Plain pants are worn instead of dhoti salwar to ease movement. His look is completed with black leather shoes.

For the chammak challo:

Turn people’s heads by getting this beautiful one-of-a-kind saree! The silk blouse underneath is jade-green in colour while the saree is made of crepe and hued with different shades of emerald, blue and lilac. Small gold stars are scattered across the saree which also sports gold lining and gold embroidery for a more embellished look. Polish off the look with gold bangles and a headpiece known as tikka along with a pair of matching jade earrings and pendant. For make-up, highlight the eyes with heavy lining.

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