BTS’ Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa

A MERE two-and-a-half years after their debut, the Bulletproof Boy Scouts aka Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) have finally found their rightful sound. With their fourth mini album topping the charts minutes after its release, these seven boy scouts have managed to take their fan base, and possibly the K-pop world, by storm with this comeback.

From having small meetings of 200 fans in Korea to holding a three-day concert for their new album with over 5,000 fans each night and producing almost a whole album on their own, these boys have come a long way since their debut with “No More Dream” back in 2013. I am in awe with the release of this fourth mini album – it really feels like they have found their true sound. Their previous releases have been amazing and lively but this album is so authentic and makes me fall in love with these boy scouts all over again.

Firstly, with the intro track entitled “Nevermind”, the lyrical genius rappers of BTS managed to relate the song to the youth by saying no matter how hard the road gets, you have to keep going no matter what anyone tells you or throws at you. The song brings on a sense of motivation to push even harder in times of downfall. This track really hits one’s feelings because of the passion and power behind the track. Following this is the title track, “RUN” — I would say the BTS fanbase had a ball when the music video for this track was released. The music video depicted the sadness within happiness in the lives of the youth today. With a range of emotions, the music video and the song signal the need for one to keep running even after several falls for love. Next came the emotional outpouring of “Butterfly” which carries the story of watching someone you love just float away and imagining the existence of what you’ve lost. To be honest, it’s a good song for a rainy day in bed.

Next came one of my favorites, “Whalien 52” which was written based on the whale whose cry is at an unusual 52 hertz and thus dubbed the loneliest whale. This song depicts how one is so lonely in this vast and wide world and how one can cry so loud but still be ignored by the world. I personally feel like this song is relatable to many people in different ways. “Ma City”, track number five, talks about the hometowns of these seven boy scouts, their dream of becoming successful and how proud they are of coming from these small areas in South Korea. The lyrics clearly show the love they have for their roots even after moving to Seoul for more than five years.

The next track is slightly different compared to the other tracks on this album. “Crow-Tit” which also means try-hard, portrayed a different side of  BTS in this album. With a hyped beat and melody, this song criticises the difference in generations and how the previous generations were born with silver spoons in their mouths and this generation is cursed. This is recommended for people who enjoy lively songs. Another one of my favorites would definitely be “Dead Leaves”. This song describes a person withering like dead leaves when their love leaves never to return. The lyrics are written beautifully and with such intense emotion — it really makes one admire the maturity of these boys in being able to put out something so profound.

It is also a fitting song for mushy, emotional days. The last track of this amazing album is the vocal line’s outro: “House of Cards”. A powerful ending, it depicts how things crumble around us and how things get more and more ruined when we are separated from what we love. It is quite a great end to a great album. All in all, this album is BTS’s finest by far and the members themselves have expressed how this is the best they’ve done. Even if you are not a fan of anything K-pop, this album is a good listen if you read the lyrics and understand the passion in the songs. I’d hands down give it a 5-star approval.

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