WITH 2015 being the highlight year for blockbuster movies and high grossing films to be released on the big screen, it is inevitable that Chappie is on that long list. However, this movie was rated 18 in general, with its presence of violence and vulgarity. But aside from all that, it actually has a riveting plot with well written characters.

Set in the not too distant future in South Africa, this sci-fi action movie centres on the main protagonist Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) who achieves a breakthrough in the development of technology, where he develops armoured robots that are accepted by a company called Tetravaal. This company in turn sells these robots to the police force and thus begins the age of mechanized law-enforcers. However, Deon wishes to explore more in this field, and eventually succeeds in creating A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) which he decides to programme into a recently damaged robot as a test subject. To his surprise however, before he could programme it, a bunch of gangsters — Yolandi, Ninja and Yankie kidnapped him and took the robot as their own. Deon was then forced to programme it for their use. It was then that Chappie, a unique robot programmed with Artificial Intelligence was created.

To viewers who love a mixture of humour, die hard action and also heart breaking moments, this movie is indeed the one for you! Believe me.

Mitra GanesonBy Mitra Ganeson,17, Selangor

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