Classy Fashion

From hoddies to cool snickers, teenage girls nowadays are all hooked up with new trendy and revealing dresses and YES,I do agree how much it makes a person a cool but, let’s look into those days (not a million years ago or what) where classy attires was on board. I just had to admit how much in fashion this clothes are still are, but went unnoticeable.

Wear a tailored dress or clothes with ankle skirts which is known to have the eccentric, edgy and classic attires. These skirts are not only very much comfortable but also look very casual and dressy. You can probably wear this on those days, where you don’t want to dress up much but still want to grab everyone’s attention when you walk in. Wear with wide belts which will flatters your curves and give away the best first impression.
As for the accessories, simplicity is the key. Know what to goes well to the clothes you choose to wear and it does not have to be so expensive, be¬cause trust me a nice scarf could go on with anything and also if you need any inspiration on how to dressing up classy, and look one to celebrities like Kate Middleton or Lauren Conrad

Be different by wearing the classic turtleneck sweater and pair it with khakis pant. Don’t forget the Panama hat to bring classy and stylish image. The classic white Panama hat with a black band is traditionally formal, so it’s best paired with a casual outfit. Capitalize on the laid-back nature of the Panama hat by pairing it with a loafer. Lastly don’t forget your Rayban Wayfarer sunglass. So, isn’t time to go shop for some classy clothes now?

By Priyangka John, 18, Johor

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