Turning Wow-Za

Everyone wants to look stylish, but not everyone knows what to add on to something plain to be stylish. Here are some tips that can help your clothes look wow-za without spending extra money.

For men, if wearing a casual polo shirt and a pair of maroon coloured shorts like this, you may want to add a pair of sunglasses to w ow-za things up! A pair of easy slip on shoes will do the trick for a trip to the mall or even on a hangout with friends without trying too hard.

A normal sundress like this may look quite dull. Wrap a checked shirt around the waist to make things edgier! This is a perfect combination for a casual Sunday stroll at the park. If you don’t have a checked shirt, a scarf will be just fine. You don’t have to purchase any expensive or fancy outfits to make yourself look like a queen of fashion.

By Lee Yen Yee, 15, Selangor.

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