‘I Lived’ by One Republic

HAVE you ever experienced moments when a particular song gets stuck in your head for days? Maybe it is because of its rhythm? Or maybe it is because of its melody? Well, this song ‘I Lived’ by One Republic is one of the few songs that can give you the shivers throughout your entire body.

The intro of the song led me in slowly, with its slow-paced rhythm and with the story behind it on how the person is hoping to overcome the obstacles that he is facing. Slowly, the pace becomes faster and steadier. The singer’s vocal (which is kind of deep) in this song matches with the instrumental background and you can easily follow the flow of the song with ease.

I remembered one night when I was a bit down with many things going on in my life, I fiddled with my MP3 and stopped at this song. And you know what? I cried, yes I did…I cried because of the meaningful lyrics and the nice touch of tone that makes you want to squeeze your pillow or teddy bear (whichever you prefer) and that’s how I came to love this song.

Although the melody of the song sounds happy and rather cheerful; when you listen to the lyrics intently, you would actually learn that the song is telling a whole different story. The song tells us even though things get tough, only we can change it, and we have to fight for it because life is what you make of it. As the saying goes: When the going gets tough, the tough only gets going!

By Sarah Hani Jafrei, 15, Kedah

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