Make a way for the Queen

Festivals are the time of the year where families gather in the name of joy. If you’re up for some fun activity for the whole family this Deepavali, why not tune in to the movie Queen, starring Kangana Ranaut?

The movie, which hit the big screens in early 2014, is centered around Rani Mehra, a young girl from a village in New Delhi who, alone, embarks on a very enthralling journey of her would-be honeymoon after the wedding was called off by her fiancé.

The groom-to-be, Vijay, played by Rajkummar Rao, confesses to Rani that he’s no longer interested in the marriage, on the eve of their wedding. He said that he didn’t think they would still be perfect for each other, since his lifestyle and perceptions of the world had changed after living abroad, as she was still shadowed by culture and traditions which oppressed her confidence and self-esteem. After the wedding was called off, the sudden dilemma sent Rani into a whole day of unbearable shock, causing her to shut herself in a room. She then obtained her parents’ permission to take herself on the already-booked honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam, which her parents agreed to after a moment of hesitation. The vacation brings her out of her comfort zone as she befriends random people from different walks of life, as she is put through situations that improved her as a woman who still had a lot to learn.

Queen is definitely a movie that suits all generations as it put forth important lessons through the theme that is less embraced by many people. The catchy music, which is embedded throughout the movie, will also make you feel like dancing, so it’s unmistakably a Deepavali feast that you should not miss!

My heartfelt Deepavali wishes go to you all!

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