“Do you see yourself in front of the mirror? Even if you pretend that it doesn‘t affect you, you‘ll think about it.“ Those are the lyrics from the song “Mirror” , newly released by MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality). The group which consists of three members; Seungho, G.O and Mir released their 8th single, Mirror, after the departure of two of their members; Lee Joon and Thunder who each wanted to pursue their own careers.

MBLAQ is finally back with a more mature sound — a mixture of ballad and R&B. The soulful high note by G.O shows MBLAQ‘s improvement. My favourite part of the song would be the smooth rap delivered by Mir. The song talks about a breakup and A+ (MBLAQ‘s fans) believes that it has a double meaning.

The music video, too, fits the calm yet soulful song. It starts with the members in a roofless car on the road and ends with them going through three separate doors. What makes it more meaningful is that there are two closed doors on each side; symbolising the two members that have left.

This song marks the trio‘s new journey as MBLAQ. I wish to listen to more mature and awesome songs from them in the future and I highly recommend that you listen to this song!

Sahira Sofea AzizanBy Sahira Sofea Azizan,13, Selangor

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