Office Attire Fashion

WHAT do students wear when their jobs involve them sitting in offices? You might look at your parents for inspiration, but still want to wear something up-to-date yet professional at the same time. Here is just an example for what to wear while working in offices.

For the hardworking chap:

You can look like the stylishly dressed office worker from Korean dramas even by keeping it simple. In this look, he is wearing a simple cotton white shirt with elements of the colour black on the collar and the button line as well as having a strip of it on the middle of the torso. The pants are grey plaid wool while the brown shoes are made of leather. Keep the hair up to avoid looking unprofessional!

For the practical lady:

Looking professional and comfort comes hand-in-hand with this outfit. It consists of a red pashmina scarf that will surely warm you up in the air-conditioned rooms and a loose pink and white fleece blouse completed with a jersey orange maxi skirt. You can still add extra height without heels with these blue leather creepers.

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