Performing Arts Fashion

Performing arts branches out into countless of other artistic endeavours ranging from painting to dancing. With focus on dancing, where choreography evokes emotions in the audience through symbolisation in the steps, the choice of attire is equally important. Here are two examples of how dancers can dress up.

For the lassie:

Her flowy dress is blue with hints of soft pastel colours which is light on the eyes and is made of chiffon. The cutting is specially tailored to create a mesmerising effect with each motion of hers. Her hair is set loose to move freely and is accesorised with a pink flower crown. Flats are worn on the feet to ensure comfort.

For the lad:

Simpilicity and comfort comes first for dancers especially males, as they need to be able to perform more strenuous moves. He is wearing a simple white buttonless linen shirt, untucked to create a more dramatic effect with each movement. The black pants and sneakers are made of leather. As you can see, the colours are kept monochromatic to let the audience focus on the dancer and appreciate his performance better.

By Durrah Sharifah Azlan, 17, Selangor

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