The Italian Job

ARE you a fan of robbery movies with car-chase scenes, and master plans? If yes, I am sure you have feasted your hunger for action movies by watching the ’Italian Job’. If not, get your nearest smart device, search for the movie and watch it, as soon as possible.

I had the opportunity to watch this 2003 film starring Mark Walhberg recently and became instantly hooked. It wasn’t as legendary as Inception, in the mind twisting robbery sense, but it was definitely an entertaining movie. The movie starts off with John sending a diamond necklace to his daughter Stella, before a big gold heist. Charlie, a master planner, pulled John, a master safecracker, out of retirement to help him with the heist. Then along his team consisting of Handsome Rob, an excellent driver, Left ear, an explosive specialist, and Lyle, a tech geek, along with Steve, he successfully robs 35 Million USD worth of gold in Venice.

Just when you start admiring Charlie’s talent in planning a great robbery, there’s a plot twist (although it was not that surprising). Steve turns out to be the bad guy, killing Charlie’s mentor, John, and taking away all the gold all for himself. Only then does the movie really heat up. With a tablespoon of revenge and bowl full of car chasing action, the actions keep you revetted to your seat. Yet another ingredient that keeps the movie freshly entertaining are the witty dialogues and quotable lines like, “I trust everyone. I just don’t trust the devil inside them.” At the end of the movie, my inner Dominic Toretto was satisfied and entertained to the fullest.

As for the real me, after the 2003 Italian Job, I‘ll be watching the 1969 Italian Job movie, because that’s where the inspiration for the Mini Cooper scene in the 2003 movie came from. So as I go dwell in the wonders of action movies, do check out the Italian Job (2003), and thank me later.

By Shivasangari Kanawathi, 18, Kuala Lumpur

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