Trendy Business Attire

IN today’s entrepreneurial world, apart from communication skills, an enployee’s physical appearance is also important. Professional and sophisticated styles should be designed into work outfits to increase productivity amidst smart and orderly looks.

For the guys
This outfit was designed following the latest trends. Guys, in particular, prefer simple and clean looks either for social or business events. The vest is black in colour in order to create a contrast with the sky blue colour on the work attire. On top of that, to appear more stylish, the tie is an essential accessory to put on. The plaid trousers is made from tartan fabric with a Chroma colour, accessorised by a modern belt. A pair of purple shoes is paired with the attire, even for the office.

For the girls
Girls need an elegant look to increase their confidence at work. A collared shirt is worn on the inside and paired together with a pink coat that has a lined modern pattern on the outside. This makes it looks feminine even though it is for business or social events. The short red skirt combines with the pink coat and collared shirt to give the suit an overall matching colour for a harmonious look. For the material, chiffon fabrics made of silk or nylon, and also cotton cloth is used. High heels shoes completes the ensemble for employees on formal occasions.

FARAH-RASYIDAHBy Farah N. Rasyidah, 19, Selangor

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