NIE Programme



NST’s NIE programme has been constantly evolving to keep abreast of the government’s goals for nation building and manpower development. While the emphasis and focus has always been on the enhancement of English language learning, the projects have been varied. In the 80s the focus was on teacher training and development in the area of English language teaching. In 1992, the New Straits Times supported the Ministry’s National Environment Education Project (NEEP) with a recycling programme designed to create awareness for the environment. It also encouraged students’ efforts to protect the environment. In 2000, when the Ministry introduced Literature into the secondary school English syllabus, NST’s NIE programme set about preparing students and teachers to cope with the new changes. In 2003 when the decision was made to teach Maths and Science in English, the NIE programme complemented Ministry efforts yet again. Today the NIE focus supports all the elements stipulated in the National Blueprint for Education 2006-2010 to create independent learners who are well-equipped to face the challenges of modern Malaysia.

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