Music Festival

MALAYSIANS, we just love our festivals. Partially because of the public holiday that follows but mainly due to the fun, excitement, colours and people. The culture of uniting people under one roof, for one purpose, despite carrying one‘s own identity and beauty, has been in our blood for generations. So you can’t blame me for loving music festivals and the vibe it carries. I am a Malaysian, after all.

The idea of people of all ages, genders, races and religions standing in an open space, dressed to impress, and cheering together (even if you barely know the sweaty dude beside you, or the scary lady with a deadly stare in front of you) has given me very good feeling. I had always wanted to go to a music festival in Malaysia, even though there aren’t many here. But to my dismay, every single time I will miss the chance. Yet my love for music festivals never fades.

So, why do I go gaga for music festivals, you might ask. Only in music festivals will you get the rustic feel of a song, as you will be standing in the same room with your favourite performer listening to the song, raw. That feeling, to me ,is just enthralling. Despite its amazing role of being a rendezvous for all things artistic, from the performers‘ songs, to the audience‘s creative dressing sense, it is often overlooked as just a stage for performers to sing.

Thus, to shake off that misconception or stereotype on music festivals, I have chosen Music Festival as the theme of this issue, from facts to fantasies. So I hope you will love it, just as much as my friends who contributed articles and I did.
So here you go fellow Niexter, indulge in the world of music, in its purest and most authentic form. I hope you like it.

By Shivasangari Kanawathi, 21, Kuala Lumpur

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