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The Festival of Lights is here! Excited, everyone?

Being the editor of this week’s issue, I am honoured to present to you my team’s work. For starters, we proudly present an infographic on Deepavali. Here, you will read about how Deepavali came about. For the fiction section, Dharshini Jagatheesa takes you to another world with her short story, Slash. Next, we have our regular columnist Jivashini Paramasivam with her movie review on Queen. For those who never watched it before, here is your time to decide or even impress your friends by knowing about it!

Moving on, Deepavali is never complete without mentioning the amazing food and sweets so Shivasangari Kanawathy will be sharing with us her special family recipes. For those who love to cook and bake, here’s something for you to look forward! In our fashion section, Durrah Sharifah Azlan will be teaching you how to spice up your clothes for this holiday season and if you’re visiting your friends for open house, this will be the perfect opportunity to flaunt your fashion sense.

In addition, journalism student Raahini Shanmugavelu shares her experience of attending her university seminar. There is also Sharafunnisa Ebramsha’s article on creating your own stunning DIY Gemstone Rangoli inspired floor décor. Finally, although Halloween has passed, Amnan Hamdi Mohd Iskandar is going to give you goosebumps with his scary story titled The Haunted House, so make sure you read it with your lights on!

Wishing all my lovely readers a Happy Deepavali!

By Kumuthavalli Shroom, 19, Selangor

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